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GRender is a free software released under the GPL. You can use it for free and, in the spirit of the GNU Project you can collaborate with the team.
There are a lot of ways you can help GRender, here is a guide in order of difficulty.

Report bugs

You can report bugs using the tracker on SourceForge.net. It is easy to use, just click "Submit New" and fill the form.
Please, before posting a bug, browse the tracker and see if someone already has posted it and don't send bug notifications directly to the developers, use the tracker instead.

Help people using GRender

If you meet someone in throuble using GRender, for example in the forum, you can help him! :)

Write documentation

I know this is a boring task, but someone has to do it! If you can write down manuals, tutorials, FAQ etc. documenting features of GRender do it and send us your work. Simply teach people how to use it. You could also translate existing docs in your language
Just look if someone already has documented the feature you are looking for.

Ask for features

If is there a feature, a new function, you would see on GRender, let us know, We'll do our best to develope it or some collaborator could do that. To post e feature you shiuld use the RFE tracker on sourceforge.net.
Please, before posting a new feature request, browse the tracker and see if someone has already posted it and don't ask for features directly to the developers, use the tracker instead.

Add new features

If you are a C developer you can help coding new features. Look at the RFE tracker on SourceForge.net and see if is there a feature you whould like to work on or look at the Tasks tracker and see if is there a roadmap task you whould like to develop. In both cases let us know to avoid duplicates. When you have completed your work send us a patch (see below).

Debug the software

If you discover a bug working with GRender and you are a C developer, instead of reporting it you can debug the software and fix the problem. If you do that, than you can send us a patch (see below). If you are interested in fixing a bug let us know, just to avoid duplicates.

Work on the port to other platforms

If you are a strong cross platform developer, you can help us in porting GRender on IRIX, MacOSX and Win32, all the platforms where Maya runs. This maybe is the most difficult task! If you do that you can send us a patch (see below).

Submitting patches

Patches are always welcome! Small, self-contained patches are preferred - larger patches which touch on a large number of areas of the source tree are more complex to apply and test.

You can submit patches to the project website using the appropriate tracker.

All patches should be submitted in *unified* form, i.e. created with the command "diff -u" or "cvs diff -u". Make your changes in all files and run "cvs diff -u > patch.diff" in the top level grender/ directory. This diff file will contain patches for all of the files together. Remember to run the cvs diff for the *top* project directory. It will automatically recurse into the subdirectories and generate the patches.
Always make patches from the latest souce code on the cvs!

Tnx to anjuta website for part of this text. Yes, the most difficult thing :D. However if you want to support us you can donate to this project through SourgeForge.net and PayPal.

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